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Hello! I’m really glad you’re on my website.

My name is Agnieszka (Aga). I’m a graphic designer, but my passion is to draw portraits to order, for various occasions and special dates.

I think a portrait is a touching and creative gift that cannot be bought in a store, which makes it special and unique.

When I’m drawing, I try my best to keep the similarity of the people in the photos, but at the same time the soul of the drawing.

a graduate of SWPS University in Wrocław in the field of Communication and Computer Graphics

I’ve been interested in traditional drawing since I was a child, and for 15 years I’ve been making custom-made portraits

fan of rap and hip-hop culture: murals, streetwear and graffiti. As a hobby, I make fanarts of famous rappers using digital technique


I was born in Poland, in the land of beautiful Masurian lakes, and I grew up in the Sudeten mountains, 15 km from the Polish-Czech border. After graduating from high school, I moved to Wrocław, where I spent a few crazy student years.

I love both the countryside and the city.

Each of them has its own specific charm. Currently, I live in one of the German cities, but I’m happy to come back to my hometown to be in nature, visit my favorite places, trails, forests and spend time with my family and my beloved pets 🐕.

I’ll draw a portrait for you that your close ones will love 🖤

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